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What to do With a Cardboard Box

There is nowhere else in the world, that I know of, where you will see a moving and entertaining stage play, performed by two actors using only half a dozen empty rectangular cardboard boxes and an origami dog.

Based on the true story of a University Professor and his dog, Hachiko, this play is showing at the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre in Fremantle, where extraordinary feats of imagination and innovation are regularly performed. In front of our eyes the cardboard boxes are transformed, at different times, from a city scape to an apartment kitchen, where breakfast cereal, milk, and sliced bread are conjured up. After the Professor has eaten his breakfast he picks up his brief case, rectangular and made of cardboard of course, and walks to the nearby train station. There he catches his train to work. With the addition of sound effects and some clever optical illusions, one of the rectangular boxes has now morphed into a suburban train.

With amazing skill and finesse the two actors tell the story of the Professor and his loyal dog, Hachiko. As well as the housekeeper, the neighbour, the Railway Guard and the city dog catcher. They make these stories thoroughly engrossing and emotionally moving. I can’t really tell you more without being a spoiler; except to say that this show has brought a tear to my eye each time I have seen it.

If you miss this one, check out their next play. They are always coming up with something amazing –  out of the box, you could say.   

Hachiko is also made of cardboard, with a wooden frame.