The Watching Lake

The Watching Lake

Bryn and his family have just moved to a new house by the lake. The area is beautiful, teeming with wildlife. But soon there are scars on the landscape where the houses are being built — bulldozers tear at the earth, the sound of machinery rends the air. Once again the Min Min stirs … And this time, it has chosen Bryn.

  • Release date: 2002
  • Publisher: Fremantle Press
  • Available for: $12.95
  • ISBN: 9 781863 683609
  • Format: Paperback

… themes that will communicate powerfully at different levels to all readers.

Jack Thomson – English in Australia

Elaine Forrestal’s prose has its own magical quality.

Janice Anderson – Reading Time

Elaine Forrestal has cleverly interwoven the disparate elements of folklore, a child’s developing sense of responsibility, the need to adapt to change and a menacing danger into a cohesive whole.

Margot Tyrrell – Magpies

Short listed for:
West Aus­tralian Premier’s Book Awards 1991

Listed in:
Aus­tralian Children’s Book Coun­cil Notable Books 1992