Readers are never bored

Sam, Amelie and Georgia with their new friends.

As an avid reader all my life I often wondered how other people, who didn’t read books, managed to survive. Weren’t they bored to death waiting in airport lounges, traveling on trains, or sitting for hours in the back seat of a car?

Of course these days they play games or watch movies on their iPhones – if they don’t have an eReader to carry their eBooks for them. But even with all that whizz-bang technology, printed books are still the most reliably portable means of staving off boredom on the planet. With a book the battery never runs out. You can drop it from a great height, run over it in a truck, even immerse it in water (briefly) and it will still be able to make you laugh, make you cry, transport you to exotic places and become your friend for life.

My wish for you, in this International Year of Reading, is that you will find many friends in books.

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