Visiting the birthplace of Miss Llewellyn-Jones

After traveling along the Freeway, through the tunnel and up onto the escarpment I arrived at the place where the visual images of Miss Llewellyn-Jones were first conceived and developed by Moira Court.

Moira has since moved on to many and varied other projects but once a year she participates in the Kalamunda Open Studio day and allows the general public to invade her workplace and discuss the range of techniques she uses to create her wonderful artwork. This year I was fascinated to see her latest spatter-painting equipment – a far cry from the old days of cardboard templates and toothbrushes. The familiar screen with fine mesh attached to a wooden frame is now combined with a sheet of transparent material. A digital image which is printed onto the sheet has taken the place of the template. So rather than a simple silhouette surrounded by a spattering of paint you can produce a sharper and much more detailed image. Magic!

Moira Court signing copies of the Miss Llewellyn-Jones books on display at The Literature Centre.

Check out Moira’s pictures in the two Miss Llewellyn-Jones books. Also in Sleep Tight (written by Shamini Flint) and My Superhero (which will be released by Fremantle Press in February 2013).

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