Italian translation

This image of the Rose de Freycinet outside her tent at Shark Bay is used on the cover of Federico Motta’s book.

Suddenly there seems to be a groundswell, or perhaps a tidal wave, of interest in Rose de Freycinet around the world!

Two weeks ago a Brazillian Professor contacted me and we now have an ongoing, and mutually beneficial relationship through which we share contacts and information. My written French has also improved rapidly, since it is the language we have in common.

Then, two days ago, Federico Motta made contact with me. He has also translated Rose’s journal – into Italian! In my last blog I listed French, English and Portuguese as the languages in which this story could be read, as far as I was aware. Now I can add Italian to the list.

Using the first published version, which was edited by Charles Duplomb and released in 1927, Federico has written an account of Rose’s voyage around the world. His book was published two years ago, in 2010. Who knows? Perhaps there are others out there. It would be good to know about them. But in some ways it is quite reassuring to think that, in this age of instant communications, there are still some mysteries in the world.

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