The SCBWI cow on the farm before moving to the mezzanine floor of the State Library

Speaking at the Books in Your Backyard event gave me a great opportunity to connect with some of my readers. It also gave me the chance to introduce the SCBWI Cow to some young friends of mine who had never seen it.

Placidly chewing her cud on the mezzanine floor of the State Library (just outside the entrance to The Place) the SCBWI cow is an arresting sight. Her pale blue body distinguishes her from others of her kind. Then, as you move closer, you see that her skin contains fascinating images. Book covers, scenes from fairy and folk tales, flights of fancy and unique ideas to stimulate the imagination of any one who takes the time to investigate her finer details. The Place itself is full of magic and the life-sized cow, standing in her patch of grass, is the perfect lure for people of all ages. Certainly my young people were captivated.

On Wings of Steel is inching its way towards the end of draft no 3. This week has been particularly agonising because I have had to leave my intrepid pilot calling for help as his plane runs out of fuel and he ditches it into the Pacific. Now we will both have to wait until Monday, when I will be back at my desk, to see what happens next.


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