Small Acts of Kindness

Cover of In Flander’s Fields by Norman Jorgensen and Brian Harrison-Lever

In order to show how small acts of kindness can have a profound and lasting effect on the world, the team at Spare Parts Puppet Theatre has devised a very different school holiday experience.

Using as a starting point the story of the spontaneous Christmas Truce in 1914, which took place in no-mans-land between the German and English lines, participants (there is essentially no audience in this show) choose between four different ‘pathways’. Each pathway takes them through the Shipwreck Gallery in Fremantle. On their journey they are invited to explore various installations, some static, some alive, and reach a point where they can engage with the actors and volunteers to make soup, knit a sock, or wade through a muddy trench – helping each other along the way and hopefully, in the end, finding the missing sock of WWI soldier, Tom Vickers.

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre Director, Philip Mitchell, has been developing this idea for four years. Having been involved in one of the two Preview/Rehearsals, I can see that the potential for this complex show to go off the rails is enormous. On the other hand it could develop into something exciting and uniquely satisfying. Knowing the creative abilities of the Spare Parts team as I do, I am confident that all will be well. After these two weeks at the Shipwreck Gallery the show is booked to go on tour to Geraldton and Albany, so plenty of opportunities to do the fine tuning and, after all, nothing ventured, nothing gained….

Well done Spare Parts. Break a leg. 

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