Highs and Lows

Goldfields Girl had her first official outing last weekend at the Fremantle Press Writer’s Breakfast. She was in good company with about twenty other books either just released or about to be, by Fremantle Press. Apart from the chance to network with other authors and illustrators it was a great opportunity to talk to teachers and librarians, and other interested people, about what we, as book creators, can do for them.

Now, less than a week after all the excitement of the Writer’s Festival, we have been plunged into outer darkness! The first of the storms to hit Perth took out both our internet and landline connections. Then we discovered that recent ‘tidying-up’ of cords and things at the back of our TV has left us reliant on WiFi for that as well! Just a reminder of how people lived back in Clara’s day, I suppose. At least we have a trip switch in our meter box that saved our lights and power.

Who was it who invented the Smart Phone? Without our personal hotspots we would be cut off from the rest of the world, pretty much. So hats off to all those incredible pioneers of the goldfields.

At the Fremantle Press Breakfast during the Writer’s Festival

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