Elaine Forrestal is a West Australian author whose work has been published in Australia, the UK and America. Her novels The Watching Lake (Puffin 1991, Fremantle Arts Centre Press 2002) Someone Like Me (Puffin Australia 1997, Puffin UK 1997, Mish, Slovenia 2004) Straggler’s Reef (Fremantle Arts Centre Press 1999) Graffiti on the Fence (Puffin Aus 1999) Leaving no Footprints (Puffin Aus 2001) Winning (Puffin Aus 2002) The Eden Glassie Mystery series, Deep Water, Stone Circle, Black Earth, Wild Wind Puffin Aus 2003 – 2005) are all stories for children in the 9 – 15 age group. A Glassful of Giggles (Fremantle Arts Centre Press 2002 and Rainbow Jackets (Fremantel Arts Centre Press 2003) are collections of short stories for reading or telling to children 0-8 years and for emerging readers to tackle on their own. The picture books, Miss Llewellyn-Jones (illustrated by Moira Court, Fremantle Press 2008) and Miss Llewellyn-Jones Goes to Town (Illustrated by Moira Court, Fremantle Press 2010) are great fun to share with children of any age. Black Jack Anderson (Penguin 2008) is Elaine’s first book for adults and Young Adults and tells the story of Australia’s most notorious pirate.

Elaine is available to work with students of Primary and Secondary age. She also speaks at Conferences, Festivals, Book Clubs and Professional Development days.

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Many of Elaine’s books have received awards and commendations from various literary programs. Read more about them here.


Elaine is a full time writer. However, she was a teacher and has had many years of experience presenting literature to children in classrooms. Because of this experience she is able to offer stimulating workshops, author talks and storytelling sessions for children of Primary and Lower Secondary age and professional development for adults.

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