Teacher’s notes for Deep Water

The suggested activities based on the covers of the 1st editions of the Eden-Glassie Mystery series are not relevant if your copy is a 2nd edition, paperback. All other activities remain relevant to copies from both the 1st and 2nd paperback editions.

Deep Water (1st edition cover)
Deep Water (2nd edition cover)
  1. Look closely at the cover image. Do you think it suits the title of the book?
    Give at least one reason for your answer.
  2. Read the blurb on the back.
    Using this information, design your own cover. Compare your finished design with those of others in your class. Discuss the ways in which colour, font and size of print effect the way you feel about the book. Inside the back cover you will find the three other titles in the Eden-Glassie Mystery quartet. But you will not find the correct cover images. Because of a misunderstanding, the designer has had to change one of the covers. Can you guess which one?To find out whether your guess is right, email: Elaine Forrestal
  3. Read the acknowledgements in the back of the book. The story of Axle is based on something that actually happened in the Hunter Valley, NSW, but two members of the same family, who were both present at the time, tell quite different versions of the same event. Write a brief account of something that happened at school yesterday. Compare your memories of the incident with others in your class.
  4. In the front of Deep Water you will find an epigraph. Why do you think Elaine Forrestal has chosen to put these lines from the song Circle by Harry Chapin here?Does the quote at the bottom of the page inside the back cover give you a clue?

Analysis and application of knowledge

Once you have read the novel:

  1. Write your own story about a family pet (your own or someone else’s, real or imagined).Describe how you would feel while the pet was:
    • lost
    • at the vet’s
    • found again, brought home – or gone for ever.
  2. Tori, Bronte, Morgan and Maddie are cousins.
    • Do they all get on well together?
    • Do some of them get on better than others?
    • Make a feelings web with Tori in the centre. Use a colour code to show how he feels about the other characters in the story.
    • Now put Morgan in the centre. Use the same code to show his feelings.
      Compare the two webs and discuss the similarities and differences.
  1. Each of the four kids in this story has a special interest.
    Make a list of their names and interests.
    What is your own special interest?
    Which of the kids in the story do you feel closest to?


Axle is a beagle.
Find out as many facts as you can about beagles.
What makes them different from other breads of dog?

In Australia, the area of land planted under grape vines has doubled in the last five years. This means that many more children are growing up on vineyards.
Go on an excursion to a vineyard near you, or visit their website.

Read The Stone Book Quartet, by Alan Garner.
Can you find any other quartets of books in your library?