All day writing workshop for Junior Primary

Whole Group

Show the children several kitchen implements one by one. (e.g.. beater, toast rack, corkscrew)

Q. Have you ever seen something like this before?

Q. Where?

Q. Do you think we could make up a story about one of these? Which one?


Then …

‘I’ve got another thing from my kitchen here. (hidden in bag). I made up a story about this one. I’m going to tell you the story. After the story you might be able to guess what it is and then write a story of your own about something in your kitchen.

Tell story – The Wirra Wirra Bird

Ask what they now think might be inside the bag. Adult to print children’s suggestions on whiteboard.


Children begin to put their own stories down on paper (draw, paint, tell). Adults add text, comments etc.


Cooking activity using the implement from the story.

Follow up

Any children who wish to continue working on their story may do so.

Group and/or individual discussions about stories needing a beginning, middle and end.


Format to be decided by the class and teacher.

Work can begin on publication if any stories are ready.