Writing workshops for Junior Primary

Duration: 1 or 2 hours
Number of students: Ideally, one class group per session (maximum of 30 students)
Presenter: Props for play performance
Something to write on
Something to write or draw with
(eg. draft paper, lined or unlined, coloured pencils, textas)


Students will be shown the picture book, Miss Llewellyn-Jones. This will be read to them and the pictures discussed up to the point where the pegs snap and Teddy is blown off the clothes line.

After a general discussion of what they think might have happened to Teddy, the students will be asked to write their own story of Teddy’s alternative adventures.

  • Where did he go?
  • What did he do/see?
  • How did he finally make his way home?
  • If he did not, where is he now and what is he doing?


After a short question and answer or meet-the-author session the students’ own stories will be discussed with a view to turning one of them, or a combination of several, into a simple play.


Students will be asked to volunteer to take on the roles of the characters and perform the play using a few simple props.

Other options

Stories from A Glassful of Giggles and Rainbow Jackets can also be turned into plays or used in other interactive ways with the students.

Stories that the students have written during the first half of the workshop can be developed into picture books or an anthology for the class library.