Visiting North Woodvale Primary School

What a lot of fun we had at the opening of the new Performing Arts Centre at North Woodvale Primary School.

Mark Greenwood and I had been Writers in Residence at the school in May/June and were invited back to see the fruits of our labours and to watch a terrific variety show, performed by the students on their brand new stage. A particular highlight was the NWN TV Newsroom segment scripted and performed by the students from Room 8. A wide variety of ‘news’ was presented and there was even a weather report! What a clever way to involve all the students, show off the very professional sound and lighting equipment and emphasize the theme of the Assembly which was ‘Celebration’.

The writing produced by the students, across all age groups, in response to the workshops that Mark and I conducted was also on display. When we go into schools as writers we see the early stages of the student’s writing, but rarely the end products. Thank you, North Woodvale, for inviting me to join you.

Some of the writing produced by students

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