EYES Conference

Miss Llewellyn-Jones has been out and about again. This time she was seen at the very flash Pan Pacific Hotel in the Perth CBD. She and Teddy were doing some shopping – which is not unusual when you are visiting the big city. Miss L-J would be the first to admit that the shops are somewhat different from those in her local country town. And the traffic is a bit daunting. But with the ever resourceful Teddy reading the map they were able to find the hotel and successfully park the scooter.

It was when Miss Llewellyn-Jones decided to do some washing that she ran into a bit of trouble. There didn’t seem to be a washing line anywhere! Fortunately she had brought her own, just in case, and some very kind delegates from the Early Years in Education Conference agreed to help by being the ‘posts’. They even provided the wind to dry her washing! She was a bit disconcerted when the wind blew so hard that her washing flew away. The various items landed on the scarecrow, the donkey, the boat and in the beaks of two magpies (all provided by helpful participants in the ‘Making the Most of Picture Books’ concurrent session). But everything turned out well in the end with all the items of clothing being returned, accompanied by lots of laughter and a flurry of good ideas for working with children in Early Childhood classrooms.

Later that day

Miss Llewellyn-Jones on exhibition at Fremantle Children's Literature Centre

Miss Llewellyn-Jones and Teddy rode home – tired but happy with the way their Conference appearance had gone.

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