Duncraig Writer-in-Residence

Cover of anthology of stories by Duncraig students 2010

The Duncraig Senior High School Anthology has moved into production stage. After much deliberation by the staff of the English Department the final selection of stories has been made from the hundreds submitted on the three topics, ‘Other Worlds, Other places’, (Yr 8) ‘Friends and Foes’, (Yr 9) and ‘Electric Eyes and Ears: a view of the world through technology’ (Yr 10). The students worked and re-worked their stories and came up with some very innovative and interesting ideas. ¬†Congratulations to those whose work has been chosen. They can be very proud of their achievement.

For those in Years 8 and 9 who missed out this time around, hopefully there will be another opportunity next year. But for now we look forward to the finished book, professionally edited, printed and bound. It will not be long before we can sit down with a real book in our hands and read the exciting, scary and often insightful stories that the students have produced.


Meanwhile Rose de Freycinet continues her arduous voyage with the exciting prospect of a feature film in the wind! Stay with her …

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