Writing workshops

While I was conducting a writing workshop at Boyare Primary School I met some very fine writers in Year 3. I am hoping that the ones who like writing stories, and making books, will enter the excellent competitions that are available to all school students everywhere in the State of Western Australia.

Entering competitions like the annual Young Writers Competition (run by the Newspapers in Education team), the Tim Winton Awards (run by the Subiaco Library) and the Make Your Own Story Book competition (run by the Children’s Book Council) is a good way to improve your writing skills. Just by finishing your story, presenting it neatly, sending it in on time, you will gain practice and begin to develop the discipline needed to be a good writer. And if you don’t win this year, try again next year. There are over one hundred major prizes across the three competitions and at least twice that number of Highly Commended and Encouragement awards.

Winning entries are published on the websites of these organizations and the winners of the Young Writer’s Competition will be published in The West Australian ED! Magazine in mid September so you will be able to check out the stories written by people in your age group and maybe pick up a few tips for improving your own entry for next year.

Save your best stories and enter these writing competitions.

Meanwhile there has been a death on board Uranie. How will this effect Rose and Jose?

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