Sailing with Rose

Shark Bay. Dirk Hartog Island is on the left of this map.

L’Uranie has now reached Shark Bay and Rose and Jose have both had an exciting time. They were present when first contact was made with the local Aborigines. When Rose spotted a group of these primitive people on top of a nearby hill, Louis de Freycinet was very keen to meet them. They had been sighted, but had always disappeared when the Europeans tried to approach them during Louis’ earlier voyage with Baudin. This time, however, the Aborigines made their feelings about these strange white people very clear. With much shouting and aggressive spear waving they tried to get the French party to go back to their ship, which was clearly visible, anchored in the bay. Only the persistence of our brave Commander, and the quick thinking of Jacque Arago, prevented an unpleasant confrontation. Instead, both parties sat down together for about half an hour, waving, pointing and genuinely trying to communicate in a friendly manner before the Aborigines simply got up and left. What an experience, to be the first Europeans to encounter these shy and elusive people!

Jose was also excited when Commander Louis de Freycinet sent one of Uranie’s boats to Dirk Hartog Island to try and find a treasure that they thought was buried there! More about that later.

During the week Brian Grove made contact with me about his website. He has the contact details for lots of publishers so any of you who are hoping to become published authors (and I know lots of you are because you have asked me about publisher’s details in the past) here is his website.

Happy reading and writing.

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