Draft no 3

Commander Louis de Freycinet, Captain of the sailing ship Uranie.

Jose’s story now has a name, although it is still a work in progress and the name may be changed after discussions with the publisher.

To See the World: a voyage of discovery aboard the sailing ship Uranie.

Jose’s latest adventure, while sailing with Louis and Rose de Freycinet, takes  place in the Straits of Ombai. Because of the trecherous, uncharted waters Louis was sailing the Uranie slowly and cautiously through the narrow straits. Just before dark a band of cut-throat pirates crept up on the French vessel. There were twenty outrigger canoes, each with a dozen heavily armed men on board and they propelled their craft so silently and skillfully that Uranie was surrounded before any of her occupants knew the pirates were there. With the ship at their mercy these savage natives began to shout and chant the most horrendous war-cries.  Louis ordered the cannon to be manned. Then he grabbed a megaphone and told the pirates (in Malay, which he spoke fluently) that he would not hesitate to fire on them if they tried to board the ship. When the pirates saw all twenty hatches open and the cannon being made ready to fire they stopped chanting. But they did not move away. They sat there glaring angrily at the ship. Darkness fell.  Light from the small lamps that lined the ship’s rail glinted on the knives, axes and machetes that the pirates held and struck fear into the hearts of Uranie’s men.

How will our scientists, surveyors and crewmen escape this circle of blood-thirsty pirates?

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