Back to Wild Rose

Now that Jose is no longer occupying my every waking moment I can return to my original manuscript, Wild Rose, and look again at the adult version of Rose de Freycinet’s story. And I must say I am finding that having told

Elaine Forrestal working with students at Duncraig Senior High School

the whole story from Jose’s 1st person point of view has given me some fresh insights into vital parts of the story.

Meanwhile, life goes on and I have just read a very encouraging article in the ETA Notes (English Teacher’s Association). The short story anthology project, Tales from the Castle, that I worked on at Duncraig Senior High School in 2010 and 2011 is still flourishing. In fact it is going from strength to strength with my good friend and colleague, Norman Jorgensen, filling the writer-in-residence role this year. Congratulations to everyone involved in this innovative and worthwhile program.

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