Penguin merged with Random House

I feel a bit sad about the news this week, although I must admit it is  better than the alternative.

Firstly I learned that Penguin, who have been publishing my books since 1991, have merged with Random House. Not that I have anything against Random House, they have certainly been successful publishers over a long period of time and some of my very good friends are happily published by them. But they have a very different style from Penguin. Still, looking on the bright side, perhaps the two houses will manage to maintain their different styles in spite of these latest management changes.

The other news is that Jose is about to embark on the next stage of his journey. He is off to Canberra hoping to find a safe haven in the stormy seas of publishing. I’m sad not to have the chance to work with Erica Wagner at Allen and Unwin, this time around, but grateful to have her timely advice. It’s just that I feel a bit like Rose de Freycinet did when she was nearing the end of her historic voyage on board Uranie:

When shall I ever be settled in a house and not constantly moving, as I have been for so long?’

rue Clare, a market street in Paris not far from where Rose and Louis de Freycinet lived after their epic voyage around the world


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