Adding the German

Federico tells me there is also a German translation of Rose’s journal to add to the list of French, English, Italian and Portuguese.

And I have just finished a new draft of Jose’s story, To See the World: a voyage of discovery aboard the sailing ship Uranie.I have added a new, and quite funny incident that I first discovered when I was reading the journals of Jacques Arago but, for some reason, hadn’t included in either Rose’s or Jose’s versions of the story. With so much material available from different sources it is hard to decide what to leave out. I try to imagine what it is that other people will find most interesting, then I add things that will show the character of each of the people directly involved. Most of all I want to breathe new life into these people and show that, in many ways, they were just like us. They lived in a different world, but had the same loves and hates, fears and ambitions, as we do.

Natives of Mauritius carrying a passenger in a palanquin

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