To See the World

The first stage of the editing process for To See the Worldis almost complete, which means that the manuscript will come back to me with the editor’s comments. I will respond and the next phase of the process, collaboration between the editor and me, will begin. I find this one of the most enjoyable and interesting parts of developing a manuscript for publication. The hard work of finding a shape for the story has been done and the fine tuning can begin. This means going back into the text and teasing out every last scrap of meaning from the words, making sure that the rhythm is right, checking the dialogue to see that every utterance that a character makes on the page is true to that character’s age, education level, personality and life experience. Often I find that characters reveal things about themselves during this process that I wasn’t aware of before and the whole book becomes more alive as a result.

Elaine Forrestal acting as editor during one of her workshps

It is a time-consuming process, but absolutely essential to producing a book that is credible, interesting and emotionally satisfying to read.

I can’t wait to get started.

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