Miss Llewellyn-Jones on high rotation

This is NOT Andrew and his daughters. But the book is the same and the kids are also fans of Miss Llewellyn-Jones

It is always wonderful when you get a message from someone who is actually reading one of your books. But this week I had an unusual email, passed on by my husband, Peter, from a colleague of his.

The message said that Miss Llewellyn-Jones was on high rotation from the library because his two daughters absolutely loved it and demanded he read it to them every night at bedtime. It was only when the girls, aged 4 years and 2.5 years insisted that their Dad read the entire book from cover to cover that he realised Elaine Forrestal must be the wife of whom Peter had spoken when they last met about a year ago.

Who says the author is dead? Well, maybe she was but not anymore. Not for Andrew and his two girls in any case.

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