The Whaler’s Tunnel

Limestone rocks near the Whaler’s Tunnel

With the text of To See the World all but finished, and the book going into the design phase this week, I have turned my sights towards the next project.

A story, set in the Whaler’s Tunnel in Fremantle, has been nagging at the back of my head for about five years. I had actually just begun to research it when, during a visit to the Maritime Museum in Fremantle, the story of Black Jack Anderson fell into my lap. Who could resist WA’s only pirate? By the time that book was published the story of Rose de Freycinet had grabbed my imagination. The idea of a young French woman from a respectable family setting off to sail around the world in 1817 was mind-boggling . Disregarding all the perils of uncharted oceans,  pirates, cannibals, shipwreck and starvation, she dressed as a man and stowed away aboard her husband’s ship. Another irresistible story!

However, now that I have gone back to researching the Whaler’s Tunnel, new and interesting facts have come to light. This story is showing lots of potential and, although there is still a long way to go, I think it will become equally fascinating.

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