Stories can become plays

Students performing in the play

After a whole Term of weekly writing sessions it was time for Show and Tell at St Mary’s on Thursday.

Of the original group of twenty two keen writers, two have turned their stories into plays, four have produced picture books, one has the beginnings of a Chapter book and the others have short stories at various stages of completion. Because the sessions were only one hour long we decided that only one of the plays could actually be produced on the last day. One of our playwrights was away so we didn’t have to vote, or even toss a coin, to decide which play it would be. The writer organised a sign-up sheet to fill the acting roles, props and setting were decided on and a few adjustments were made to the script. A week later the play had its Worldwide Premier in the Middle School Library. It was great fun and served to demonstrate just how collaborative the production of a play has to be.

The other pieces of writing, many of which were read out on the day, are destined for the various competitions into which they will best fit. Entering a competition replicates the publication process. The story must be read and re-read, polished, edited, presented neatly and delivered to the appropriate address on time. Valuable skills and disciplines are developed along the way. Often there is feedback, either in the form of a prize or comments from the judges. And if at first you don’t succeed, there is always next year.

Just keep writing.

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