Wayward ghost

Artefacts left behind on Middle Island by whalers and sealers

I know that people who are not writers find it difficult to believe, but the best stories often end up writing themselves.

I have been working on the story of the Whaler’s Tunnel with the intention of using the ghost in the tunnel to tell the main character, Jaxon, (and the reader of course) one of the fascinating and little known stories from the early days of the Swan River Colony. My protagonist and his brother have done the right thing and behaved as brothers do, but the ghost is another matter. Somehow Will Ellery has managed to delegate Barney, the old fisherman who has always lived in the area except when he was off on his incredible adventures, to tell most of his story for him.

That’s not exactly how I planned it but at the moment it seems to be inevitable, given the prescribed word length for this story. Now I am waiting for feedback from my supervisors at UWA who will be the first readers of this particular manuscript. If it doesn’t work for them it will be back to the drawing board and a significant re-write for me.

Ah well, I guess that’s what you have to expect when you are dealing with a ghost.

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