Exciting news – at last

This week we finally have a release date (1st April) and a date for the launch (1st May) of To See the World.


Cover image from To See the World: a voyage of discover aboard the sailing ship ‘Uranie”

Although this book has not taken as long as some of my early ones, it has had a few false starts which make it seem that I have been writing it forever. But the advance copies should be here in February, the final copies will be released on the 1st April and we will launch the book at the State Library of Western Australia on May Day (1st May). We chose the date partly because it is a significant public holiday in France. There are traditional Festivals with parades and dancing in the streets, even in quite small villages, and Paris is full of visitors in party mood. Families get together across the whole country essentially to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It’s a celebration of the new life that emerges once the icy grip of winter has been loosened. His voyage on board the Uranie was certainly the beginning of a new life for José. I am really looking forward to introducing him, at last, to all my friends and supporters in schools and libraries across the country.

Watch out for the distinctive blue cover and the fascinating story of Rose de Freycinet, as told by her pupil, José.

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