Rose and Jose have arrived at last!

When people ask me what I enjoy most about writing books I always say, ‘The moment when the

Cover of ‘To See the World’ by Elaine Forrestal, published by the National Library of Australia

parcel arrives, I open it up, and see the advance copies of my latest book for the first time.’  Even though I have seen the cover image already, it is very different to actually having the real book in my hands. After working away at the manuscript for so long, there is something quite exhilarating about seeing the book that other people will read. That happened on Thursday and I’m still pinching myself.

Of course I could not have done this on my own. There are people I want to acknowledge and, although we ran out of pages in this particular book, the Reference List and Acknowledgements are in the Teacher’s Notes which will be on both the National Library website and this one – once the book is released into the shops on the 1st April. However, I didn’t want to let this exciting week go by without making mention of those people who made the book possible, so I have included the acknowledgements here.

Acknowledgements: To See the World

I am extremely grateful to Baron Henry de Saulce de Freycinet for his generous and enthusiastic support of my research and for allowing me access to the Archive de Laage.

To Dominique and Sonja Tichet who provided invaluable help with contacting the Chateau de Freycinet in Saulce-sur-Rhone.

To monsieur and Madame Caire, present owners of the Cahteau de Freycinet, for their preservation of the buildings and grounds, and for opening up their home to show me around.

To Emmanuelle Requin-Bekkers and her family for sharing their intimate knowledge of the old port of Toulon.

To Frank Wheatley for access to his extensive collection of old and rare books on the early explorers.

To Claire Codrington, Jean and Marise for passing on their first-hand knowledge of life on the islands of Mauritius, Reunion and Seychelles.

To Nadia Holloway, my French teacher, adviser and friend. Also Philipa Ryan, Tony Ryan and Mamie White who keep our French conversations lively and interesting.

The Australia Business Arts Foundation provided financial support for my research in France.

I must also thank Susan Hall and Irma Gold, the expert team at the National Library of Australia. And special thanks to Peter Forrestal; for being my chauffeur and research organiser in France and my loving supporter at home.


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