Two books in the spotlight, Graffiti and To See the World

Elaine Forrestal reading the letters written by Rose de Freycinet to her mother, her sister-in-law and her nephew. The letters are held in the Archive de Laage in France.

In the last two weeks two of my books have splashed up onto the internet.

Graffiti on the Fence is now available as an eBook, much to the delight of the classes who are studying it and the students who have asked me where they can get a copy of their own. Thanks to eText Press, it is now available through Amazon and all the sites where you normally buy your eBooks.

And To See the World has just made its debut on the World Wide Web. As well as appearing on the National Library of Australia website,, it now has its own page on this site. In the Books section you will find Teacher’s Notes, Reference List, Acknowledgements and all the usual information that you will need for your own research. In the back of the book itself you will find a Glossary, Historical Notes and The Bigger Picture, putting into perspective what was happening in the rest of the world while the Uranie was making its epic voyage. The teacher’s Notes have been designed to be a good fit with the National Curriculum, but also to be informative and fun, encouraging students to be creative and to develop their research skills at the same time.

Now that the voyage of the story is complete we are planning to celebrate, with Rose and José, in the safe harbour of the State Library of Western Australia, on the 1st May. Chers ami, passez une bonne soirée.

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