Writing the essay

Elaine Forrestal speaking at the launch of ‘To See the World’ in the theatre at the State Library of Western Australia

With Rose now safely launched and making some waves of her own, the focus this week has shifted to The Whaler’s Tunnel. This story is now part of my HDR preliminary dissertation, which is due to be handed in on Thursday.

Apart from a few dramas with the referencing system, I have enjoyed writing the dissertation. Even, surprisingly, the essay component. It is a very long time since I have had to write an essay and I approached the task with some trepidation. However, I did find the process similar in many ways to preparing workshops, and the longer speeches I have delivered at conferences and festivals over the years.

Of course the really enjoyable part of the dissertation, for  me, was developing the story. Finding the right ghost to inhabit the Whaler’s Tunnel, and using him to facilitate some descriptions of life in the Swan River Colony in the early days of settlement, proved both challenging and satisfying.

Next comes the waiting, with fingers crossed, for the examiners’ report.

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