Review of To See the World in Reading Time

Cover of To See the World, published by The National Library of Australia

Even in Paris a review from Reading Time has reached me, thanks to my very good friend Ernie Tucker!

Here is the link, But if this doesn’t work for you just Google Reading Time review of To See the World. John D Adams’ review is very serious and knowledgable, which adds gravitas to the book and, I hope, will encourage schools to use it in their history programmes. The couple of sentences I have included below, just to give you a taste, come after John D Adams has filled in the historical background.

‘All this is the basis for this story of the voyage of the Uranie told for young readers by Jose who is taught to read and write by Rose.’ And later …

‘This reconstruction of a real voyage around the world provides for a most enjoyable, interesting and informative story … and is well recommended.’ John D Adams.

I will be back in Perth at the end of the month, just in time for the Celebrate Reading Conference at The Literature Centre. Meanwhile, happy reading.

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