Voyages with Rose de Freycinet

This is one of the deluxe editions of Rose de Freycinet’s Journal, edited by Charles Duplomb and published in France in 1927

My voyages with Rose have increased by one in the last few weeks. I am now speaking at Conferences and running writing workshops in Singapore (AFCC and Creative Writing Boot Camp) and Cocus Islands (workshops in schools).

This week there has also been an article on Radio National’s Earshot Program about the fact that the State Library of New South Wales has just acquired the original ‘diary’ of Rose de Freycinet. This turns out to be the original published version which was edited by Charles Duplom and first released in Paris in 1927, just over one hundred years after Rose returned to France and gave the handwritten original to her friend Caroline de Nanteuil, for whom it was written. The journal remained in the Nanteuil family until 1926 when Charles Duplomb, after much discussion, finally managed to persuade the Baron de Nanteuil to release it for publication. Another seventy years would pass before Rose’s story was translated into English. Since Marc Serge Riviere’s English translation was published in 1996 by the National Library of Australia there have been translations into German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. After my visit to the International Book Fair in Bologna this year I am very much hoping that To See the World, which tells Rose’s story to a slightly younger audience, will be translated from English into French. I’m sure Rose would approve of this as it would, in a sense, bring her home again and add another element to her voyage around the world.

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