While I wait

Jan Nicholls and Elaine Forrestal at the launch of Stone Circle, an Eden Glassie Mystery

Somehow, in the two days after I returned from  Rottnest, I managed to lick my new manuscript into shape to catch a Children’s Books Advisory Panel meeting. In line with most of the major publishers, National Library Publishing now has this advisory panel to read and assess manuscripts submitted for publication. I was aware of this, but didn’t realise the meeting was so close. However, On Wings of Steel has now gone off and the waiting has begun. I always find this time between sending off the ‘baby’, for the first time, and receiving the ‘verdict’ one of the most anxious of the whole publication process. My strategy is to find other things to focus on and in this case I have two projects that will keep me fully occupied. One is the conversion of Stone Circle, an Eden-Glassie Mystery, to eBook format. This is the last of the Eden Glassie quartet to be converted and will complete the circle once again. (Check out the quartet’s circular format in the Books section of this site if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

The other project has just been generated by my time on Rottnest and involves turning the plot of my picture book text, ‘Professor Louis Labrat’ on its head. During Libby Gleeson’s excellent talk on ‘Killing Your Darlings’ we did an exercise in re-working an existing piece of writing. As a result my solitary Professor is in for some big surprises.

Stay tuned for the progress report next week.

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