A story can take you around the world

The inflatable globe that carries both Elaine and Rose around the world these days.

At the moment I am being reminded of just how far around the world a story can take you.

So far this year, Rose de Freycinet’s story has taken me to Bologna (Italy), Singapore, Balingup (WA) and will take me to Singapore again in September. A week later I will travel with Rose again. This time to the Cocos (Keeling) Islands where I will do a stint as a Writer-in-Residence. The route Rose took on her voyage around the world, from 1817 – 1820, on the sailing ship Uranie is marked on the inflatable globe that I use in my workshops, and her story is being told to adult and Young Adult audiences in all of these far-flung places.

Back here in Perth, the de Freycinet story is being told in a different way. Georg (Jordi) Caroll has composed a piece of music to celebrate the State Library’s Freycinet Collection which includes the first map of the lower reaches of the Swan River, surveyed and drawn by Rose’s husband, Louis, and written and pictorial records of the first contact made with the Malgana Aboriginal people at Shark Bay; a momentous event at which both Rose and Louis were present. Georg will give the first ever public performance of his composition at the Government House Ballroom at the end of August, and take this fascinating story of courage and adventure out to a whole new audience through his music.

Thanks you, Jordi.

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