The more things change …

Stone Circle, an Eden Glassie Mystery

In France they have a saying that has always intrigued me. It goes like this: plus s’change, plus s’meme – the more things change the more they stay the same. Putting Stone Circle into eBook format has brought home to me the essential truth of this seemingly contradictory idea.

Stone Circle was published eleven years ago, and yet the family at Eden Glassie is already using email, computer games, and the internet as part of their daily lives. By the time Wild Wind, the final book in the Eden Glassie Mystery quartet, was published in November 2005, Uncle Ian has a mobile phone which he takes with him when he drives to the city on business. Eden Glassie is out of range as he gets closer to the city and, while he is away the power and phone lines in the district are all knocked out by the cyclone. But it is clear that the mobile phone revolution was already happening at that time and was effecting every day situations, even for country families. Now, as well as the ubiquitous mobile phone, we have the iPad, mini or otherwise, and a whole host of electronic devices at our fingertips.

Even with the sweeping changes that have taken place since then, however, some things have stayed the same. The cousins, Tori, Bronte, Morgan and Maddie are still curious, imaginative, sometimes adventurous, sometimes scared, alternately supportive and caring or arguing and competing with each other. Just like all kids. Perhaps they are lucky to live on Eden Glassie where they are expected to do their chores, but otherwise have the run of the property with its adjacent forest and river, its dogs, horses and wild-life. There is plenty of freedom and adventures just happen naturally.

I grew up in similar surroundings myself and, when I travel to the country to talk to kids today, I find that their love of adventure and their sense of humour are still very much alive and well in spite of their easier access to technology. Long may it continue to be so.

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