Taking off – On Wings of Steel

The Southern Cross levelling out after take-off.

My manuscript has now flown the coop for the second time.

Mid-year, after I did a quick revision and sent it off to my publisher at the National Library of Australia, it was formally accepted by the children’s book advisory panel. Now the contract has been signed and the first line-edit has been completed. I feel really lucky to be working with the same editor who did To See the World. And, as I probably said back then, I do love the line-editing process. While it means several weeks of intense concentration, self examination and fact-checking, I relish the challenge that working with a good editor presents. The opportunity to bounce ideas off someone who knows and appreciates your work is relatively rare in any profession, and the sense of the story moving forward is worth all the hours of sitting in front of my computer screen.

The manuscript will come back, probably several times. However, the chance to revisit it and give it another polish will be just as rewarding then as it is now.

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