Long Live the Christmas Party

Ho Ho Ho and a Happy Christmas to all. Elaine Forrestal with Santa.

For writers, particularly writers of fiction, ours is a solitary profession. We spend our working lives alone in front of a screen, removed from what most people regard as the real world, walking around in the heads of our characters. Writers of historical fiction have the added isolation of inhabiting the world of the past and trying to bring long-dead characters back to life.

Don’t for a minute think that I’m complaining. I find the challenges exhilarating and the rewards, when I succeed, very satisfying. I am not talking about monetary rewards. In terms of income these are scant indeed. But it’s so exciting to finally see those bundles of pages which have been pored over, added to, trashed or polished by my editor, publisher and me, finally appear as a real book with covers. That is what keeps me going back, every day, to my solitary desk in my isolated office.

Then along comes Christmas! There is the SCBWI Christmas Party, the Australian Society of Authors Christmas Party and The Literature Centre Christmas gathering. Out of the woodwork come all these like-minded people that you probably won’t see at any other time of year. Writers and illustrators, poets and artists, scriptwriters and novelists of all ages, writing for a host of different audiences. Suddenly we are no longer alone.

Long live the Christmas Party!

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