Artwork from Children’s Books

Original artwork by Gregory Rogers, Karen Blair and Moira Court

How often do you see original artwork from children’s picture books on permanent display in an hotel?

I must confess that I have never even heard of such an amazing thing before, but picture book art can be so innovative and thought provoking that it certainly deserves to be viewed more widely. Of course I’m not talking about the mass-produced Disney-esque pictures that clutter up our bookshops and appear endlessly on YouTube. The picture books I’m referring to are original pieces of art produced by highly skilled and imaginative artists. They capture the essence of people’s lives, past and present. They transport us to places we know well, or places we have never been. They challenge, but also reassure us in ways that nothing else can. And there is a permanence to them that defies our largely ephemeral world.

Congratulations to Susanne Gervaise of the Hugenden Hotel in Queen’s Street, Woolara (at the top of Oxford Street) for her impeccable taste and for the courage of her convictions. Next time you are in Sydney check out this phenomenal hotel, and buy a drink to toast ‘mine host’, Susanne.


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