Even in Paris Black Jack Anderson can find me

Never trust a pirate.

Clearly Black Jack Anderson has not finished with me yet.

After two other recent contacts in Australia, one from documentary makers and one from a radio station, Black Jack Anderson has managed to track me down to Paris! I am here with some family members, essentially for the Fete de la Musique but staying on to check out the amazing galleries, restaurants, markets and boulangeries. I am also doing some work, which is made easy by the internet and the well-equipped apartment we stay in on the Place Vauban.

The latest expression of interest has come from Great Southern Film and Television who are making a third series of Coast Australia,  following their success in England. So keep your eyes open and check out the programming for Foxtel’s History Channel early next year. In typical pirate fashion You just never know where Black Jack Anderson will pop up next.

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