Children’s Book Week(s) 2016

Elaine Forrestal speaking to a group of students during Children’s Book Week.

Children’s Book Week is always an exciting time! Not only do I get to meet literally thousands of people who are reading my books, I get to chat to them about what I am writing now. I can run ideas past them, ask their opinions and find out what they are thinking; what scares them, what bothers them the most in their world? And what do they really love? It’s a stimulating and productive time for me and, in spite of its title, usually spreads over more than one week.

For me Children’s Book Week starts tomorrow. Maybe I will see you. If you do happen to be one of the five thousand people I will talk to between now and the 26th August don’t forget to ask me about the new book I am writing. And if you are not one of the people I will see face to face you can always ask the question (and any others you may have) by emailing me through this website.

Happy Book Week

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