Miss Llewellyn-Jones receives a visit from a fan

Elaine Forrestal as the butcher from Miss Llewellyn-Jones Goes to Town, and Ella as Teddy

Miss Llewellyn-Jones was delighted when a very young fan came to visit her this week. Ella was accompanied by her grandmother whose basket contained fresh scones, still warm, with jam and cream.

While Miss Llewellyn-Jones is Ella’s favourite picture book, she was happy to discover that Miss Llewellyn-Jones also has a pale green motor scooter and puts on her going-out clothes, her bright red crash helmet and her motor-bike goggles when she goes to town. Ella decided to be Teddy and go with her. It was a cold day so Ella had worn her knitted beanie with the two pompoms, which looked remarkably like teddybear ears. With all the charm and energy of a three-year-old, Ella gave a wonderful performance of our intrepid Teddy. After the exciting trip to town, up hill and down, and visits to the butcher, the baker and the cupcake maker, the long wait for cumquat juice got the better of Ella. Like Teddy she ‘set off to have a look around’. However, the ensuing drama of being lost, and the ingenuity required to be reunited with the frantic Miss Llewellyn-Jones, became too much for Ella. We all adjourned to the garden to console ourselves with scones, and made plans for Miss Llewellyn-Jones Goes to Town to be purchased and added to Ella’s bookshelf.

Thanks to Fremantle Press, the book is still in print and copies are available.

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