Feeling the wind in Coolgardie

Clara Saunders in 1894

Clara’s story has come a long way since I last wrote about it two weeks ago. I am pushing my current draft of the manuscript along, trying to get it into shape before I go to Coolgardie later in the week. One of the things I will do while I’m in the remote goldfields town is visit the Museum. But my main reason for going there is to feel the wind, smell the dust and visit the harsh, isolated Fly Flat where the huge ridge of gold was discovered by Arthur Bayley and William Ford in 1893.

This reef of gold, now known as Bayley’s Reward, rivals the nearby Golden Mile in size and in the quality of its ore. Fortunately, unlike the legendary reef described in the journal of Lassiter, this one has not been lost. It’s location is well documented and I will be able to go there and see it for myself. Although it will look very different, now that the gold has been extracted, I will at least be able to get a sense of what it was like and hopefully find some photographs.

Wish me luck.

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