Books from Your Backyard

Details of Books from Your Backyard event, January 21st 2017

We all think we know exactly what is in our own backyard. After all we are there every day, walking around, hanging out the washing, picking up leaves. However, like so many familiar things in our lives, it is only when a visitor comes and we see things through someone else’s eyes that we discover what is really there. On Saturday 21st january 2017 some of our local children’s writers and illustrators from our very own SCBWI Australia West will be visiting the State Library to show you just what we have in our creative backyard.

Personally it has taken me almost twenty years to see something that has been right under my nose all that time. My adventure/mystery novel, Someone Like Me, has always been difficult to talk about with groups, because of the surprise ending. I have, over the years, skirted around the problem by talking about where the idea came from, and describing one scene, rather than getting to the nitty-gritty of what the story is actually about. It has taken the preparation for my visit to this next version of ‘Books in Our Backyard’ to open my eyes. At last I have discovered the obvious way of presenting this story to an audience, some of whom will not have read the book. Come along to the State Library, Mezzanine Floor, on 21st January 2017 and all will be revealed. Well, at least all the clues will be revealed and you will have the fun of discovering the true story for yourself.

C U JAN 21/17

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