Your Backyard transformed

The SCBWI cow must be in someone’s backyard. Is it in yours?

Energy and excitement was literally flying around at the Books from Your Backyard event yesterday.

The mezzanine floor of the State Library of WA became a different world. One where a cactus-furred wombat, a wicked princess with a bad haircut, a real pirate – right out of The Smuggler’s Curse – and two mad scientists inventing a near-lethal time machine all became real. We laughed and cringed and clutched out mobile phones all afternoon, in case we needed to dial 000. Fortunately no lives were lost and only photographs were taken, although the pirate did try to steal a handbag. It was all so entertaining that we have already marked it on our calendars one year from now.

Thank you SLWA and SCBWI! C.U.+ 1

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