Teachers are wonderful!

The Eden-Glassie Mystery series is actually a circular quartet – the end of each title leads directly in to the beginning of next was you work your way around the circle.

Where would we be without our primary school teachers? Teaching is a very demanding profession,  both physically and intellectually, and teachers deserve to be held in much higher esteem than they often are, especially those who see fiction as a way in to most of the subject areas, not just Reading and Writing.

One of these fabulous teachers contacted me during the week because, in New South Wales, they now have a new syllabus. Three of my titles, Deep Water, Black Earth, and Wild Wind fit neatly into the New Geography syllabus, Stage 3: topic, Wild Weather. These titles are available as eBooks but, in a classroom situation, where students are studying a novel, this format is not ideal. Thank goodness for print-on-demand!

We are still negotiating the finer details, but I am hoping that, with Teacher’s Notes already available, free via this website, paperback copies of the books will soon be in the hands of teachers and students who need them – especially in New South Wales.

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