In Praise of Dr Jamal Rifi

Participating nation’s flags flying together at the entrance to the International Book Fair in Bologna.

Doctor Jamal Rifi has a medical practise in the Belmore suburb of western Sydney. He is an immigrant and a well known moderate in his Islamic Community. We need more voices like his.

Recently a father came to him for help because his son was showing early signs of radicalisation. Together the two men went to the Imam of their local Mosque and made him aware of the situation. Through judicious counselling and appropriate action they managed to nip the son’s radicalisation in the bud.

In an article in The Australian (Tuesday 6th June, p6) Doctor Rifi is quoted as saying,

“Many Islamic leaders are trying to hold together their own communities. No matter how vigilant the intelligence agencies are, they can’t keep tabs on everyone. But we in the community are happy to keep our eyes and ears on our own community because this country is our home, this is where my five kids have been educated and are working.”

Well done Doctor Rifi. If only we could clone you!

And well done The Australian for reporting this glimmer of light in a very dark tunnel.

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