Mysteries to carry with you

Cover of new edition of Deep Water

Everyone loves a mystery. Perhaps because of the tug-of-war between wanting to know what happened, but still wanting the mystery to be there. Not wanting to lose the excitement of exploring, prodding, testing our powers of deduction. Wanting  the idea of the mystery to be there, in the back of our mind, so that we can bring it out in quiet moments when we want something to  engage and challenge us. The lingering idea of the mystery sits alongside our curiosity and sometimes becomes more satisfying, more fulfilling than any resolution could ever be. The power of our own imagination can be so much more believable than someone else’s solution – real or imagined.

In Deep Water, the resolution is matter-of-fact, almost mundane after the drama of Axle’s disappearance and the subsequent search for him. But in some of my other novels, Leaving No Footprints for example, the mystery is still there at the end of the book. I know that some people want all the loose ends of a story neatly tied off. But for me, personally, I want the ending left open.  I want to carry those characters with me, thinking and puzzling over them, enjoying the possibilities of their continuing lives, long after I have closed the book. Of course Deep Water is part of a circular quartet. Although each book has at least one mystery which  is solved within its pages, there are other mysteries which open up as you read around the circle, if you are prepared to dig deep enough.

I hope you discover at least one of these shadowy mysteries and enjoy carrying it with you.

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