Australian Storytellers Festival

Flyer for Australian Storytellers Festival, 8th April 2018

Gone (thank goodness) are the days when the majority of the books Australians read and the stories presented to us on TV came from overseas.

Actually ‘goodness’, whoever or whatever that is, had nothing to do with it. Lesley Reece, on the other hand, has had a great deal to do with what we read now and with making our own West Australian and Australian writers and illustrators known to the world.

On Sunday 8th April she will be doing one of the things she is best at. One of the most important parts of what makes The Literature Centre such a vibrant and lively place. Lesley will gather us all together and give us the opportunity to tell our stories. We will be giving some insights into how we work, discussing our craft, reading from our books and making pictures digitally and on paper. It will be a very big day and, no doubt, a lot of funny things will happen – leading to even more stories.

Hope to see you there.

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