How could signing books be dangerous?

Normand Jorgensen, Dianne wolfer, Elaine Forrestal

Signing books for my readers is always a great joy. I get to meet them, chat to them. Sometimes I can even tell them a bit about the book and the dangers the characters face in the story. I don’t expect any ‘danger’ to escape from the pages and perch itself behind me. But that’s what happened.

On Sunday Dianne Wolfer, Norman Jorgensen and I were signing books for people who had attended our West Australian Storytellers session at The Literature Centre. It was a beautiful sunny day and our signing tables were set up on the grass just outside the marquee where we had been speaking. Our sessions had gone well. We had talked about the different ways each of us goes about finding a character, or how they find us. Then we discussed the process of getting to know our character, finding their individual voice and bringing them back to life. Sometimes the story of how the book came about is almost as interesting as the story told inside it.

The three of us were happily signing books when one of our fans asked if she could take a photo. Her son came around to our side of the table and stood between Norman and me. She looked through the lens of her camera and started laughing. Then she showed us the photo she had taken.


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