Perth Writer’s Week

Cover of The Hole Story, by Kelly Canby, published by Fremantle Press

Among the stimulating and life-affirming sessions I went to during the Writer’s Festival one of the best was a ‘Curated by Kids’ interview with Kelly Canby. It is wonderful to see students of Primary School age presenting thoughtful, well researched and interesting interviews with adult writers and illustrators. Having stumbled upon one of these sessions last year I was delighted to find that they were, once again, a feature of the Festival.

I was blown away by the quality of the questions in general, and the charm and confidence with which the students asked them. There is something so fresh and honest about these talented young people. For example, one of the thought-provoking questions asked of Kelly Canby, who is both author and illustrator of many books including one called The Hole Story was, ‘What would happen if you put another hole in a hole?’ At first glance this may seem like a simple question, but it presents many possible answers. If you put a another hole in a hole, does it make a bigger hole? Or does it make two holes? Does it change the shape of the original hole? Or does one hole simply absorb the other and stay the same?

This is the sort of question I have never heard an adult interviewer ask. But what a fascinating thing to think about. And well done, Kelly, for taking it seriously and giving such a comprehensive answer. Bravo! I hope we can have more of the same next year.

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